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Czech Technical University Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, Prague CIIRC CTU represents a place of interdisciplinary cooperation which is natural for informatics, robotics and cybernetics. It opens the gates and greatly supports the transfer of know-how towards industry or other practices and, above all, leads its staff.


start-up licensed by Czech Technical University TRIX Connections as the exclusive license holder undertakes to provide cooperation with production companies and participate in the research and development of this protective device as part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemy.



“From the beginning, the goal was to create a complete professional product that is fully functional and meets strict standards as quickly as possible. Our intention was to contribute to solving the current crisis situation. We have achieved success thanks to the extraordinary commitment of a team of top researchers, technological equipment, but also an inventive approach to problem solving. ”

Vladimír Mařík, scientific director CIIRC ČVUT


• Half mask with the highest level of COVID-19 protection

• Especially for medical staff, first responders, army and others in the red zone

• Durable with replaceable filter – (storage period – half mask 10 years, filter >20 years)

• After the licence is granted, mass production can be started within 10 days

• Certification for this period of crisis for the Czech Republic (possibility of recognition of certification in other EU countries)

• Country becomes independent of foreign suppliers of respirators

• Together we can build independence


The reusable RP95-M(olding) half mask

• Mass production model based on molding technology (one machine/approx 2000 pcs per day)

• The RP95-M half mask is certified according to the Czech standard ČSN EN 140:1999; P3R

• Production costs approx. 22 Euro (complete set incl. filter) vs. average market price of simillar products 48 Euro

• Durable material: Polyamid (skelet) + Thermoplastic polyurethane (face sealing) – storage period >10 years

• Filter – Filtration efficiency: 1

• 10–4% (0.0001%) of particle size; thread connection: EN 148-1 Rd 40×1 / 7 ”or GOST 8762-75 OZ 40×4 mm

• The filter sterilization is possible with 70 C heat

• Thread connection can be adjusted to clients specification – injection mold modification

• Sterilization/disinfection: Autoclave, Ethanol

• Weight 150 g (complete set); 50g without filter

• 200 000 pcs delivery for Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in negotiation

• TRIX Connections owns industrial design rights


• The strategic partner for the whole supply chain in the relevant market shall be defined.

• License (sub-license) granted to the strategic partner and its partners.

• In case of lack of production capacities supplies from Czech Republic possible

• Licence fees applied according to the batch production

• The licence partner will be given production data and technical support to start production smoothly

• The licenced production will keep promotion of TRIX Connections brand


Finished project – The reusable RP95-3D half mask – for 3D printers

• The RP95-3D half mask is certified according to the Czech standard ČSN EN 140:1999; P3R

• It can be printed on HP MultiJet Fusion 4200 and 5200 series machines

• 3D printable files available for free on our website

• Free licence for non-commercial use

• Production costs approx. 28 EUR (complete set incl. filter)

• Sterilisation/disinfection : Autoclave, Ethanol

• Weight 150 g (complete set); 50g without filter

• Delivery of 40 000 pcs to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

• CTU Prague owns industrial design rights, TRIX Connections has the exclusive license as the CTU start-up.

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Projects in pipeline

• Halfmask R95 for children patients

• Filters from nanofibers

• And others

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